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Nobody knows anything

Nobody knows which ideas will succeed until one does. Success stories are often written off as bad ideas that won’t work by the experts before they’ve been tried or tested. How do you answer the question “How will COVID affect my business?” Read this post and find out!

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The client who fired me

Sometimes the cost of not planning is negligible. Sometimes it’s expensive. The ease and speed with which a lack of planning can become fatal is almost impossible to grasp or prepare for. When it happens, game over.

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The Holy Grail of Business

Do you want the successful organization you’ve built to survive when you and your leadership team are gone? Then you’re looking for the Holy Grail of business too. Read this post to find out how to create sustainable, profitable growth with generational sustainability.

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How to avoid business suicide–part 4a

There are big business tactics small businesses will never be able to use. That’s not true for one of the most powerful. Small businesses tend to let themselves be overwhelmed by the urgent, failing to anticipate, plan, and prepare for the inevitable changes they will face if they survive and succeed.


How Can You Expand You Firm In A Down Economy?

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs do not consider a merger and acquisition as early as they should. Particularly in a down economy, an M&A can be the best avenue to more clients, increased business, great company publicity, and more.

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Office Culture Can Make Or Break Mergers

Less than 1 in 10 mergers are deemed successful by the people initiating them — a staggering number when you consider the cost. The No. 1 reason cited was a failure to consider culture when integrating two businesses.

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Now Is The Time To Market Your Business

A down economy creates the perfect marketing opportunity for business. Reach out to your customers in a time when your competitors are cutting back on their marketing and take advantage of media outlets who are resulting to lowering their costs due to decreased demand.

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Plan Well Before Adding Second Branch

Branching out and opening a second franchise or storefront presents exciting opportunities and requires specific considerations to be successful. Before that grand opening, take on board business consultant Larry Mandelberg’s experience and advice.

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Experienced Board Gives You A Leg Up

The two things that set any business apart from another similar business are staff and input from advisers. A board makes your organization accountable to an external group of knowledgeable businesspeople and will drive you to make better business decisions.

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Build A Bridge To Span The Economic Pit

Today’s economy has given small business owners and managers a new reality: the loss of target clients and the need to reassess their business models to find new ones. It is either reassess and float or keep business as usual and drown.

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