The different ways people react to change can be entertaining. One example is when I open a workshop by asking, “How many of you believe people like change?” while raising my hand high over my head.

Everyone in the room looks at me like I’m crazy and typically, one or two raise their hands.

“OK, so, how many of you think people don’t like change?” I ask with my hand still held high.

A noticeable shift in attitude takes place. Heads begin to nod in recognition and the majority of hands in the room are raised.

That’s when I say, “Well, you’re all wrong.”

As the groans, grumbling and unsolicited comments start to die down I continue. “It’s not change people don’t like, it’s the type of change.

Squinting eyes, cocked heads and raised eyebrows stare back at me with looks of confusion.

Nobody likes the changes done unto them.” I explain, “Everybody likes the changes they do unto others!

It usually takes a few moments for the participants to absorb my words. Silence becomes a dull murmur as expressions of understanding and approval are softly voiced. Smiles slowly appear while heads begin to nod in agreement.

The ugly truth about change is that it’s constant. Successful businesses avoid the disruption it usually brings by preparing for the unexpected.


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