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Business Schools Don’t Teach You How to Run a Business

The first time every new leader takes charge, they quickly realize how ill-prepared their education left them. As humorously depicted in the Rodney Dangerfield film, Back To School, running a business ain’t as simple as it might seem. This installment talks about the pitfalls and provides some useful tips.

Wordcount: 844 Time to read: 5 minutes

The optimist, the pessimist, and the engineer

Wordcount: 543       Time to read: ~3 minutes
If an optimist sees a glass half full…
In business, most choices are clouded in grey while decisions are often reinforced by perspective. Don’t let your perspective obscure others and become your jail. Always be open to different ways of thinking.

Businesses don’t fail, leaders do

Wordcount: 814 Time to read: 4 minutes On New Year’s Day, 2021, CNN Senior Political Analyst John Avlon began a segment with “The pandemic touched every part of the economy in 2020.” What I heard on my head was every part of the economy suffered in 2020 because of the...

The Great Pause

Wordcount: 525 Time to read: 3 minutes “Our experiences always teach us something. If the experience is "bad", then the lesson is even more powerful and meaningful. Every unfortunate incident makes us stronger and better equipped to handle new challenges.” Miya...


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