Larry Mandelberg

due to external forces.

They fail because success brings unfamiliar problems without instructions on how to handle them.

Are you a successful leader

frustrated by problems that don’t get fixed? Problems that damage morale, alienate prospects, and worry clients?


  • The constant disruptions and distractions of my everyday routine make me feel like the business is managing me, not like I’m leading it.
  • My Board and senior managers work against each other. When one group agrees on something, the other doesn’t. More often than not, both have multiple opinions about what we should be doing. Agreeing on major decisions is contentious and feels unhealthy.
  • At any point in time, it feels like most of our problems come from one department and the individual in charge doesn’t seem to be able to do anything about it. It’s causing conflict in the leadership team and undermining morale among staff.

These are common problems that have real solutions. solutions I know how to help you implement.



My clients are talented, confident and successful leaders who know where they want to go and looking for greater profitability, predictability, and alignment. The one thing they all have in common is lack of experience with problems they’ve never had to fix.

I work with leadership teams and Boards of Directors to create:

Predictability using corporate lifecycle theory
Collaboration and communication using scientifically proven change management practices (Prosci®)

Sustainable, profitable growth using the Mandelberg Business Managers Reality Inquiry (mBMRI)

40 years of experience and success has proven my ability to achieve these goals. I do it by sharing my knowledge, my tools, and my expertise so you can use them in your business. The result – your business is ready to adapt, evolve, and grow.


Engagement for Dummies: What, Why, How

Wordcount: 647 Time to read: 3½ minutes

Lots of people have lots of ideas about what employee engagement is. I know it’s not about being productive or having an emotional attachment to the company. Engagement is often an ambiguous term. I passionately believe the most valuable asset any company has is its employees. Engagement is about making their work joyful.

Authentic Feedback

Wordcount: 760 Time to read: 4½ minutes

Getting honest feedback from staff is one of the most common complaints I hear from my ‘leader’ colleagues. The problem is rooted in the reality that penalty-free environments rarely exist. Is it possible to create a penalty free in a business where the questioner is the boss (or someone who has control over the career of the individual being questioned)? No. Is it realistic to even try to create one? Yes. Click here to find out how.

Social Media: OK, so I was wrong … again?

Wordcount: 621 Time to read: 3½ minutes

OK, so I was wrong. Social media can work. As Charlie Brown would say, AAUGH!

I’ve used social media grudgingly, expecting nothing, only to recently find proof of value. When a referral said they’d listened to my podcasts, I knew I was screwed–it can work. Those podcasts launched our client/vendor relationship.

Can your staff read your mind?

Wordcount: 385 Time to read: 2½ minutes

In the ever-shifting landscape of modern business, having a clear sense of direction isn’t just an advantage—it’s a necessity. If you know what you want your organization’s present and future to look like, don’t make staff read your mind. Document it.

Customer Service Quality? Shmality!

Wordcount: 580 Time to read: 4 minutes

When it comes to delivering products and services, consistent levels of customer service outweigh all other aspects of the end-user experience. What makes a business stand out is outstanding customer service.

While there are many pieces to this puzzle, this newsletter focuses on three that are universal and foundational to building a sustainable organization.

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