due to external forces.

They fail because success brings unfamiliar problems without instructions on how to handle them.

Are you a successful leader

frustrated by problems that don’t get fixed? Problems that damage morale, alienate prospects, and worry clients?


  • Customer demands become annoying distractions
  • Technology feels like an uncontrollable expense
  • Staff and departments showing signs of conflict
  • Projects missing milestones

These are common problems that have real solutions. solutions I know how to help you implement.


My clients are talented, confident and successful leaders who know where they want to go and looking for greater profitability, predictability, and alignment. The one thing they all have in common is lack of experience with problems they’ve never had to fix.

I work with leadership teams and Boards of Directors to create:

Predictability using corporate lifecycle theory
Collaboration and communication using scientifically proven change management practices (Prosci®)

Sustainable, profitable growth using the Mandelberg Business Managers Reality Inquiry (mBMRI)

40 years of experience and success has proven my ability to achieve these goals. I do it by sharing my knowledge, my tools, and my expertise so you can use them in your business. The result – your business is ready to adapt, evolve, and grow.


How Communication Can Cause Conflict

Wordcount: 535       Time to read: ~3 minutes
According to George Bernard Shaw, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

The optimist, the pessimist, and the engineer

Wordcount: 543       Time to read: ~3 minutes
If an optimist sees a glass half full…
In business, most choices are clouded in grey while decisions are often reinforced by perspective. Don’t let your perspective obscure others and become your jail. Always be open to different ways of thinking.

In Defense of Disruption

Wordcount: 810 Time to read: 4 minutes Over the years, I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to...

What next? What now?

Three good bets with a little bit of wonkiness thrown in. Wordcount: 622 Time to read: 3 minutes...

The Big P

Purpose, not Pandemic Wordcount: 685 Time to read: 3½ minutesPlaceholder “Can a business have a...

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