Merger Articles

How Can You Expand You Firm In A Down Economy?

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs do not consider a merger and acquisition as early as they should. Particularly in a down economy, an M&A can be the best avenue to more clients, increased business, great company publicity, and more.

Look Inside Before Going Outside For A Merger

When considering a merger, honestly evaluate your company’s strengths and weaknesses first. You should pair your company with another that will thrive because of your strengths.

When Two Rights Make A Wrong

Larry Mandelberg offers advice on leadership and dissects the issues often encountered with business referrals.

Office Culture Can Make Or Break Mergers

Less than 1 in 10 mergers are deemed successful by the people initiating them — a staggering number when you consider the cost. The No. 1 reason cited was a failure to consider culture when integrating two businesses.


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