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Are you waiting for trouble?

A business satisfied with its success that stops trying to improve screams “We’re patiently waiting to be overtaken.” and signals the competition to attack. Why would any business do that? Sadly, that’s what most do. When times are good, a business has the time, money, and resources to work on areas of weakness and look for ways to maintain its dominance. That’s when proactive changes should be made, not when times are tough and you have no choice. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
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The optimist, the pessimist, and the engineer

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If an optimist sees a glass half full…
In business, most choices are clouded in grey while decisions are often reinforced by perspective. Don’t let your perspective obscure others and become your jail. Always be open to different ways of thinking.

Businesses don’t fail, leaders do

Wordcount: 814 Time to read: 4 minutes On New Year’s Day, 2021, CNN Senior Political Analyst John Avlon began a segment with “The pandemic touched every part of the economy in 2020.” What I heard on my head was every part of the economy suffered in 2020 because of the...

What next? What now?

Three good bets with a little bit of wonkiness thrown in. Wordcount: 622 Time to read: 3 minutes This July 2020 issue of my newsletter has proven to be unusually difficult to write. Perhaps it’s the moment in time, perhaps the ubiquity of change, perhaps one of other...


The Great Pause

Wordcount: 525 Time to read: 3 minutes “Our experiences always teach us something. If the experience is "bad", then...

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Value of Failure

Value of Failure

Sam Walton once stated that his ability to make good decisions was developed by making bad ones. Many decisions are...

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The Arc of Success

The Arc of Success

When a business is born, it begins with an idea for a product or service the founders believe will be of value. From...

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Experienced Board Gives You A Leg Up

The two things that set any business apart from another similar business are staff and input from advisers. A board makes your organization accountable to an external group of knowledgeable businesspeople and will drive you to make better business decisions.

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Build A Bridge To Span The Economic Pit

Today’s economy has given small business owners and managers a new reality: the loss of target clients and the need to reassess their business models to find new ones. It is either reassess and float or keep business as usual and drown.

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