How I Work

Do It Yourself or Hire a Consultant?

It can feel like there are more consultants trying to sell you something you don’t need than potato chip options in your grocery store. Hiring a consultant can be a costly, negative, regrettable experience… or a powerful, enjoyable breath of fresh air. Success is dependent on the consultants’ ability to solve YOUR problems and to do so by involving staff, teaching them new skills and techniques, and mentoring them.

Some examples of how I work with my clients…

Helping departments help each other

Businesses depend on staff with many different skills sets. Because of those differences, conflicts arise and communication suffers. I work with your departments to develop open lines of communication and understand how helping one another helps each of them individually and as a company. The result is less infighting and finger-pointing, more efficient and productive employees, better morale and happier customers.

Projects getting done on time, within budget, and delivered as expected

Before a project begins, I work with your team to ensure everyone is prepared to do their piece. Together we create communications plans to ensure transparency, identify assumptions, risks, and mitigation options for them. When appropriate, I work with your team to implement a formal, Prosci® based change management plan. The result is an engaged workforce pulling together to make each project a success. Projects get done on time, within budget, and achieve their objectives.

Selling to the right customers

No business can provide everything to everybody. I’ll help your executive team zero in on their ideal target market and help everyone involved in sales and marketing quickly weed out the bad prospects so they can focus on the good ones. Suddenly your business won’t feel stretched to do things for clients who waste your resources. You’ll have time to take care of the good clients and staff will feel relieved to be doing work that’s appreciated.

Business-driven technology through Digital Transformation

I work with your leadership team AND IT staff to ensure your investments in technology will create a competitive edge and help your business achieve its goals faster and cheaper. I help your executive team

  • develop a better, working understanding of how to manage technology
  • identify opportunities to implement and leverage technology that reduces cost
  • define roles and responsibilities that help people be productive
  • identify revenue generating opportunities aligned with your business and strategic plans.

Benefits of growth take hold

Growth means change, and change is tough. I help your staff identify and understand the impacts of rapid growth so they’re prepared and can see the benefits. Some of your staff will yearn for the good old days and decide to leave. The rest will feel the benefits and embrace the new normal. Your business will begin to realize its potential and you’ll remember why you got into business in the first place.

What I Believe In…

I am Committed to success. I will do everything in my power to help you solve your issues. If I can’t help bring about the success you want, you shouldn’t be working with me. It’s as simple as that.

I depend on Teamwork. While I bring decades of experience, solutions and prior success to your business, I can’t fix your problems by myself – it takes teamwork. You and your team must be a part of the solutions or they won’t work and they won’t last. I can’t do your work for you, I will help you identify solutions and implement them and I’ll be there with you every step of the way until you don’t need me anymore.

I am constantly Learning. I have a voracious appetite for knowledge and love to share the insights I’ve gained from others. Sharing knowledge is how we learn and grow. I’ll make sure your executive team gets its fill of new insights and tools and knows how to use them.

I value Honesty. Telling someone the truth can be difficult. If you’re not interested in the truth, I’m not your guy. If you want someone who isn’t afraid to speak the truth, no matter how good or bad it may be, I am your guy. And I won’t stop there. I’ll make sure you understand all the good and the bad you may be facing… and that you’re prepared for it.

I operate with Integrity. I joined the ethics committee of the Institute of Management Consultants, USA (IMCUSA) in 2006 and began working with them to update their ethics certification and review programs. I teach businesses about business ethics – what they mean, how to implement them, and how a well thought out ethics policy can make their businesses better. Every proposal includes my Professional Code of Ethics. Click the link to see it or send me an email and I’ll forward a copy to you.

I always strive to have Fun. While I expect both of us to make a profit from our work together, I don’t work for profits. I work because I love helping businesses avoid unwitting self-inflicted problems, problems that are easy to correct… and avoid. I love my clients and have developed many multi-year relationships with them. Sometimes the work is difficult. Remember, every house has a bathroom that needs to be cleaned and I don’t know anyone who enjoys doing that work. I have fun working together with my clients.

First I Seek To Understand

You have a need and want some help. You have an idea about what’s wrong and how to fix it, but you live in the forest and occasionally have a hard time seeing anything but the trees. I begin by listening to you explain your situation and sharing your evidence. Then we talk about symptoms and core causes until we find exactly what’s going on in your business.

There are only three things a business needs to achieve to be successful.

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Consistent, predictable performance
  • Engagement of your people.

I’ve invested over 40 years studying the dynamics of what makes businesses fail and I know how to help them succeed.

Once we identify where your needs are, I bring my decades of experience and success to your specific situation. Together we will craft and implement solutions that will get your business back on track and growing profitably.

Now that you have an idea of how I work with my clients, read a few of the case studies of client projects.