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Business Schools Don’t Teach You How to Run a Business

The first time every new leader takes charge, they quickly realize how ill-prepared their education left them. As humorously depicted in the Rodney Dangerfield film, Back To School, running a business ain’t as simple as it might seem. This installment talks about the pitfalls and provides some useful tips.

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Symptoms Masquerading as Issues

Symptoms masquerading as issues are one of the pitfalls of success.

Value of Failure

Sam Walton once stated that his ability to make good decisions was developed by making bad ones. Many decisions are made with insufficient data or experience. Ultimately, we make decisions based on the experiences and knowledge we’ve accumulated. I find most people...

When Delegation Fails

Delegation is an important activity in every organization, yet I rarely speak with anyone who’s been formally trained. In my experience, most people were introduced to delegation by watching their mother delegate “chores”–a model that doesn’t translate well to a...


Want Vacation Time? Learn To Delegate

Graduating from building a business to trusting your staff to run things whilst you oversea is a big step in ensuring you can enjoy your business and your life. Business Advisor Larry Mangelberg offers a How To on achieving just that.

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Empower Employees To Be Responsible

As technology limits the need for an office, the self-management model will be the norm, not the exception. Self-management is about pushing authority and responsibility down to the lowest levels of the organization where the people doing the work can impact the work environment in real time.

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