Struggling to survive in a world of constant change

As humans, most of us want stability and predictability. Unfortunately, the world we live in doesn’t. It loves change and turmoil.

The pressure to change from external forces is far too great for anyone or any organization to fight. Attempting to do so is a losing battle. Failing to adapt ensures eventual failure.

This creates a conflict between the environment inside a business–the culture, stress, pace, etc., and the environment outside a business–competition, the economy, world events. Conflict creates friction that leads to problems.

My new book, Businesses Don’t Fail, They Commit Suicide is the book about that struggle for survival. It is your business suicide prevention guide. It will teach you how to survive success and thrive in good times and bad.

The book presents new perspectives and principles.
• profit without purpose is pointless
• lack of funds is a lagging financial indicator and can never be the reason a business fails
• symptoms like to masquerade as problems

One of the greatest values of my book is the insights it will give you into your business. As you read each chapter, you’ll discover stories and solutions that sound familiar and ring true.

You’ll explore real world problems others have faced, understand what caused them, and how they dealt with them, successfully.

You’ll understand why the failure of every well-conceived business was self-inflicted. You’ll learn the three most common signs of coming change and the impact they will have on your business. It will warn you why other businesses failed and how to avoid what they suffered.

In short if you want your business to thrive in good times and bad, my book is for you.

The last chapter pulls all the material together. You’ll get online access to the Mandelberg Business Managers Reality Index, (mBMRI), a brief survey that ranks the eight leading indicators of organizational success and sustainability. This information will help you focus on your organization’s weakest areas and know what to do about them.

My book is now available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Because dramatic changes are happening now, now is THE best time to begin.

If you’ve already ordered your copy, thank you! I hope you are reading it and finding ideas and information to help your business thrive. I’d greatly appreciate it if you would take a few minutes this week to share your experiences and write a review on amazon. This helps, not just me, but other business owners searching for useful business advice.

If you want more help after you read the book, please contact me. I have many ways I can help you, your leadership team, and your organization.


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