The Business Suicide Prevention Program


Is your successful business besieged by growing pains like technology limitations, cash flow problems and internal conflict?

These are the things I hear from my clients all the time:

  • Right now technology is getting in our way, in fact our technology may be losing more customers than it’s helping us get.
  • Success has led to an expanding staff and a few of the new team members seem to be creating a toxic work environment.
  • Some of our customers are starting to make expensive demands that are eating away at our profitability.
  • Infighting amongst our management team is undermining their efforts and creating conflict, wasted time and unnecessary expense.
  • I’m working morning, noon and night and have forgotten what my wife and kids look like.

You’ve done many things that used to work very well and simply aren’t working anymore.

Are you starting to wonder why success created so many problems? Do any of the following situations sound familiar?

  • Even though sales are hitting record highs, expenses are out of control.
  • You’ve implemented positive improvements and they’re being meet with tremendous resistance, sometimes hostility.
  • The problems you think you’ve fixed seem to boomerang right back, sometimes worse than before.
  • Some of your long time staff are fighting against all the changes and you don’t want to sacrifice staff or the changes.
  • You have so many things going on that you don’t have a sense of control over what’s really happening; what’s working and what’s not working.

“Larry holds a unique skill of helping others identify their weaknesses and, more importantly, assists his clients in building an arsenal of tools to break free from the hold these past issues have on their ability to function successfully…”

– Public Relations Agency

You’re not alone; this is hard stuff and it defeats many successful leaders.

Even though you’ve tried, it hasn’t worked. I’ve found the number #1 thing that prevents people from solving these seemingly intractable business obstacles is that they are attacking the symptoms, not the problems.

Managing success is challenging.

 You’re constantly faced with new problems you never had to deal with before. The risks get bigger and the failures are more expensive. The most successful leaders know when they need help.

I’ve been helping successful, growing businesses solve these and other common growth problems for over 30 years.

I’ve worked with founders, leaders, executive teams and Boards to help them get past these intractable problems, regain a sense of control and start enjoying their work again. There’s a very good chance I can help your business as well.

“We had a great experience with Mandelberg. Larry gave us direction and process. He helped us to define our most critical roles, put together all of our thoughts, and come out with clear definitions. Larry saved me a year’s salary with his knowledge, honesty, tools, and frank comments! It was a wonderful experience.”

CA Reclamation District

The Business
Suicide Prevention

I’ve called my program the Business Suicide Prevention Program (BSPP) because..

..I’ve noticed that despite their best efforts to manage the issues that come from growth, most leaders are facing these obstacles for the first time and can unknowingly and unintentionally work against their own best interests. Dealing with these new issues often leads to wasted time, effort, and money … sometimes even unintentional business suicide.

When I accept a new client, I have three goals:

1. All staff from executive leadership to sales, support and operations are on the same page and achieving shared goals.

2. The executive team has the tools and expertise to consistently identify effective solutions to any problem that may arise.

3. Fiercely loyal customers, staff and vendors that you can depend on.

My clients know exactly what they want,

they just don’t know how to get it because their success has created problems they haven’t had to deal with before.


  • Crystal, clear clarity about the sources of your problems, issues and challenges and their solutions
  • More time to focus on growing your business instead of fixing it
  • Fiercely loyal customers who love doing business with you and who you love doing business with
  • More capable staff from leadership to sales and support
  • More collaboration among all areas of your business
  • More effective sales and marketing efforts
  • Fewer surprises that eat up all your time
  • More fun in all areas of your business

Success doesn’t have to suck all the joy out of your work

or be frustrating and painful. Creating sustainable, profitable growth takes effort, but it’s not complicated or difficult. You and your team just need to learn a few key guiding principles and how to implement them. Once you do that, business will be fun again…and profitable!

How this program works

I begin with the leadership team to build consensus on current issues and develop clarity on the right goals for the business. Your team will be introduced to customized tools and develop expertise using them to resolve the problems your business is dealing with. Once mastered, your business will be on the road to sustainable, profitable growth.

Specifically, we’ll work together to help you create:

  • Clarity of purpose throughout the organization; who are your ideal customers and what do they value about your products and services.
  • Consistent performance your clients will become addicted to. (Note: This is where fierce loyalty comes from.)
  • A fully engaged team working together in concert like an orchestra making the music of a sustainable, profitable growing business
  • Alignment throughout your business with everyone pulling in the same direction like the oarsmen in a Viking battleship.
  • Teamwork and communications that eliminate confusion and ensure balls don’t get dropped.
  • Sustainable, profitable growth you can count on


It’s just as easy to win at business as it is to lose

All it takes is knowing which levers to pull and when to pull them. Eliminating emotion and using objective measures to focus your limited resources is how it’s done. Having the tools to do so and the ability to use them effectively is relatively easy to learn. I know because I’ve done it for dozens of clients over the past 30+ years.

In addition, some of our sessions will be focused on overcoming the natural resistance to planning.

For most of my clients the need to plan is overpowered by the lack of time to do so. As part of my process, I’ll show you how to make the time you need to do proper planning without disrupting your other obligations. You’ll learn how to…

  • Create enthusiasm for planning
  • Identify milestones that ensure plans are executed
  • Establish objective measures of success for subjective goals
  • Delegate tasks successfully regardless of the risk, complexity, or skill of the delegate
  • Ensure investments of time and money are intentional and effective
  • Avoid wasting time on things you don’t need to be doing

Your team will appreciate the value of planning. Elimination of wasted time and effort will prove the value of planning. Planning will become an enjoyable part of every activity. Together, we’ll make planning fun.

Working with me will look like:

  • My typical client engagement is six to ten months
  • I’ll meet with you and your leadership team in person for 3-4 hours twice a month
  • Each session will include some education, practice using the new material and assignments to complete before our next session
  • You’ll have access to me by email and phone between sessions when you need help or encouragement
  • I’ll support your efforts with editing or reviewing your material and providing direct feedback

Recognizing a problem is one of the most difficult things for people to do. When your leadership team is looking to you for guidance, confidence and stability, acknowledging any weakness can be overwhelming.

“Larry led our management team through an important strategic evaluation process. With his help, our management team was able to create a shared vision of our digital future. This critical building block enabled our organization to channel our efforts more strategically and helped provide essential focus.”

– PBS Television Station

Working with me is probably right for you if…

1. Your staff struggles to meet project schedules and milestones

2. You have disputes between departments or staff that should be working together and don’t

3. You worry that key people might leave due to an increasingly toxic work environment

4. You are frustrated by the problems success has created

5. You want to enjoy coming to work again

I am focusing on companies that are really interested in growth. Companies whose growth has slowed, whose profitability isn’t as good as it’s been, and companies whose growth has been painful and difficult.


There’s no way to know if my services are a good fit for you until we talk

If you’d like more details about how I can help your business create sustainable, profitable growth and what that might look like, or if you have any questions about how I work with my clients and the results we have achieved together, please complete the questionnaire below.

I’ll get back to you within one business day. If appropriate, we can schedule a complimentary Mandelberg Business Managers Reality Inquiry (mBMRI) where we will learn more about each other and explore your situation, challenges and desires.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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Now that you have an idea of how I work with my clients, read a few of the case studies of client projects.

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