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Struggling to survive in a world of constant change

Businesses want predictability and dependability, i.e., no change, while the world is constantly changing. This creates friction. Learning how to manage the environment and maintain a sufficient degree of stability is an art most haven’t perfected, much less realizing any need to try. Here, Mandelberg talks about how to do just that.

Wordcount: 415 Time to read: 3 minutes

The Second Operational Imperative

Long-term organizational success and sustainability require leadership’s dedication to three operational imperatives. In this post, I explain consistency of performance, the second operational imperative, and why it’s at the root of the highest, most perfect form of promotion, marketing and attracting new clients.

Wordcount: 592 Time to read: 4 minutes

Leadership is … ???

The debate over what makes a good leader serves no purpose and has no value. The right questions are, what are the attributes of the best leaders, which apply to my role as a leader, and how do I develop the ones I don’t have. For some answers and guidance, please read more.
Wordcount: 498 Time to read: 3 minutes

Everybody loves change (whether they know it or not)

Everybody loves the change they do unto others. Nobody likes the change others do unto them. Learn how to flip that script and make change a welcome guest in your organization.

Wordcount: 563 Time to read: 3½ minutes


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