Are you waiting for trouble?

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At first, having the 2020 Olympics in 2021 was disorienting for me. Clearly, there’s nothing I can do to change that. Rather than being discombobulated, I decided to embrace it. So, today, in honor of the 2020/2021 Summer Olympics, I present you with the July issue of Business Growth Digest in August. Yeah. Now I feel better. 😁

OK, back to the business of doing business.

When your business is operating on all thrusters, the tendency is to enjoy the ride rather than thinking about the what ifs. Excuses or reasons why are profuse, yet the what ifs lurk, close by, ready to strike. Always.

Employees leave, customers fail, innovative new products can make yours obsolete, relationships break down, S**t happens. Is your business running so smoothly and so profitably that you don’t need to worry? Do you really believe you’re going to have the same edge forever?

One of the least desirable by-products of disruption is the sense of instability and anxiety it creates. On the other hand, lack of disruption or stability can lull us into that dicey sense of security.

Over the years, I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to watch some organizations at the top of their game suffer. When things change, which inevitably they do, the organizations’ ability to mitigate problems with well-thought-out actions becomes next to impossible; they’ve run out of time.

As a consultant to businesses, there are three reasons leaders come or are referred to me.

  1. Solve a problem they can’t fix.
  2. Improve a routine business activity such as planning, conflict resolution, and responding to change.
  3. Maintain and improve their dominance.

While problem #1 is the most common, problem #3 is the one leaders should be focusing on.


Now is the optimum time to work on your business. Right now, in the middle of all the turmoil, instability and rapid change. Why? Because we’ve been desensitized by COVID, economic insecurity and political upheaval. That’s the good news. Why? Because it’s made these organizational changes, changes that can and should be made now to improve future results, less disruptive.

To help identify where you should focus your efforts and get the biggest bang for your buck, schedule an MRI for your business–the Business Managers Reality Index (bMRI). I’ll dedicate one hour to you and your leadership team to conduct a bMRI survey and identify where your greatest opportunities for improvement are hiding No charge. Email me at Include “SURVEY” in your subject line for a faster response.

Another helpful resource can be found in one of my older, yet still relevant Sacramento Business Journal columns titled There’s no ‘usual’ in business today[1] from May 8, 2009, where I talk about embracing innovative ideas.

[1] Mandelberg, Larry. “There’s no ‘usual’ in business today,”  News – Eyes on Business, Sacramento Business Journal, 8 May 2009,


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