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The Holy Grail of Business

Wordcount: 524       Time to read: 3 minutes Do you want the successful organization you’ve built to survive when you and your leadership team are...

In Defense of Disruption

Wordcount: 810 Time to read: 4 minutes Over the years, I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to watch too many large and small organizations at the top of their game suffer. When they side-stepped disruption, they were outflanked by competition free from tradition or...

What next? What now?

Three good bets with a little bit of wonkiness thrown in. Wordcount: 622 Time to read: 3 minutes This July 2020 issue of my newsletter has proven to be unusually difficult to write. Perhaps it’s the moment in time, perhaps the ubiquity of change, perhaps one of other...

The Pandemic Induced Economic Coma

If anybody has too much time these days, they’re just not paying attention.


Value of Failure

Value of Failure

Sam Walton once stated that his ability to make good decisions was developed by making bad ones. Many decisions are...

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When Delegation Fails

When Delegation Fails

Delegation is an important activity in every organization, yet I rarely speak with anyone who’s been formally trained....

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Want Vacation Time? Learn To Delegate

Graduating from building a business to trusting your staff to run things whilst you oversea is a big step in ensuring you can enjoy your business and your life. Business Advisor Larry Mangelberg offers a How To on achieving just that.

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How Can You Expand You Firm In A Down Economy?

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs do not consider a merger and acquisition as early as they should. Particularly in a down economy, an M&A can be the best avenue to more clients, increased business, great company publicity, and more.

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