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You Don’t Know Your Customer

When you being to believe you understand your customers needs is when you begin to lose sight of who your customer is. The demands on your customers that create change in their world can be completely hidden from yours. Ensuring you fully understand what drives your customers, over time, helps ensure you know who they really are.

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When strategic plans fail

As a consultant with expertise in strategic planning, I get called to help clients for one of two reasons. They’re either trying to develop their first strategic plan or tired of having them fail. For either scenario, the reasons a strategic plan, or to be more specific, a strategic objective, fails are the same.

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Nobody knows anything

Nobody knows which ideas will succeed until one does. Success stories are often written off as bad ideas that won’t work by the experts before they’ve been tried or tested. How do you answer the question “How will COVID affect my business?” Read this post and find out!

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The client who fired me

Sometimes the cost of not planning is negligible. Sometimes it’s expensive. The ease and speed with which a lack of planning can become fatal is almost impossible to grasp or prepare for. When it happens, game over.

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Measuring Is The Key To Getting Better

Why a business is doing well or poorly is in the details. Measuring takes time and discipline, and forces management to think strategically. Subsequently measuring is often ignored. Measuring results, however, is the only way you can possibly improve upon them.

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Why Do Customers Buy From You?

The mindset of a buyer is much different than that of a seller. The buyer tends to be focused on “what’s in it for me,” whereas the seller tends to focus on the technical aspects of “what we do”. Business needs to understand why customers buy from them so they can focus their marketing efforts on those emotions.

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It’s Not Just Who You Know, But Who Knows You

Business development, advertising, marketing, and public relations are all about growing the number of people who know you and your business. Become a resource for information for your clients and industry to increase your profile.

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Change with the times or get left behind

How can business best plan for growth and success in these tough economic times? Creatively tapping into the talent pool that exists due to the current economic times is an excellent first step. Business should also make better use of the experience and creativity of staff and even clients.

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