Can your staff read your mind?

If you know what you want your organization’s present and future to look like, don’t make staff read your mind. Document it.

Your staff are the tools that manufacture the present and future of your business. When they fail, the business fails. When they succeed, everyone gets what they want. Pretending staff knows and understands what’s in your head assumes they are all perfect mind readers, every last one of them.

In the ever-shifting landscape of modern business, having a clear sense of direction isn’t just an advantage—it’s a necessity. This brings us to a fundamental question: How well do you appreciate the power of planning and the indispensable role of business plans?

A business plan is more than a document; it’s a beacon that illuminates the path to success. Yet, a plan is not just an executive prerogative—it’s a blueprint that thrives on collective insight, transcending departments, and roles.

It delineates the trajectory of your journey, the milestones you aim for, and the strategies you employ to get there. However, true alchemy lies in leveraging the collective experience of the entire organization in developing the plan.

When individuals throughout your organization contribute to the business plan, understanding improves, buy-in is pre-ordained, and efforts transcend mere execution. Suddenly, your team becomes a force, and their integration into the development process is the catalyst that turns objectives into achievements and aspirations into reality.

Empowering your staff with a clear understanding of the business plan transforms them from mere employees to active contributors to the journey. When each person comprehends their role in the bigger picture, they become champions of the collective cause. They’re no longer executing tasks in isolation; they’re sailing together towards a common destination.

This is not just about the physical destination, but about the direction, purpose, and vision that underpin every step forward. It’s about the essence of planning, the power of well-structured business plans, and the vital role that each and every team member plays in their development and execution.

The benefits are so broad and impactful, why wouldn’t you want to make time to create one annually?

Now’s the time to schedule your next (first?) business planning workshop for 2024. Tell staff what you’re doing and why, and start using the advantages that exist right now within your organization.

If you want help getting your business planning process off the ground properly, email me at or call 916-798-0600 and schedule a 20-minute exploration session. With the dramatic changes happening around us, now is THE best time to begin.


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