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Using purpose to combat cost-push inflation

This post contains important information about cost-push inflation and ways to improve recruitment efforts. It also includes a special section where I talk about three dumb-assed words – a must read!

Wordcount: 368 Time to read: 2 minutes

The Great Pause

Wordcount: 525 Time to read: 3 minutes “Our experiences always teach us something. If the experience is "bad", then the lesson is even more powerful and meaningful. Every unfortunate incident makes us stronger and better equipped to handle new challenges.” Miya...

You get to pick two

I want what I want when I want it Wordcount: 538 Time to read: 3½ minutes Last month, I wrote this BDF issue would be about balancing responsibility and authority. Sorry, I changed my mind. (sometimes that seems like it could be a wonderful experience, yes?) This...

Profits or Purpose

A common perception is that a business exists to make money. While profits are critical to maintaining operations and delivering value to customers and investors, they are only one indicator of success. In my experience, profit without purpose is pointless and...


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