You don’t know why you’re in business

If you can answer one simple question honestly and accurately, you will unlock the key to an eternal source of customers.

And no, it’s NOT “Why are we in business?”

Before I give you the question, there is a preliminary question that should lead to you a better answer to the magic question.

Before digging in, I want to address the all-too-common misconception that businesses are in business to make money.

They are not.

Businesses do not exist to just make money despite the need for an income stream to operate, profit to create new products and services, and to provide a return on investment.

Every organization, regardless of their legal structure, exists for a purpose. They are providing a product or service to a group of individuals. None exist for the purpose of profit.

The preliminary question: Why do we exist?

Think about that for a moment. Would your employees agree with your answer? Would senior staff and managers? What would your customers say? How many different answers might you get? Which would be correct? Would you get any insight from those answers?

Now for the simple question.

“How are people better off because we exist?”

To find the answer, look back at one of the most misunderstood businesses in America. Government.

The constitution clearly states the role of government is twofold; to protect and serve

This is not meant to be political. My point is, if your business isn’t making the lives of other people better in some way, why would you exist?

That’s the million-dollar question. When you get that answer, use it to look for ways to deliver the same value to everyone else who might find it beneficial, regardless of your target market or ideal demographic.

The ability of your business to make the lives of your customers better is your magic sauce. Understanding your magic sauce is the first step. Figuring out how to deliver it to as many as possible is your second.

Your company’s magic sauce is usually hiding behind day-to-day routines. It usually requires help from the outside to identify. Of all the things you can do to be the best leader possible, you need to find your magic sauce. I can help you find it. The opportunities to be part of my clients’ journeys are how, as leaders, we grow and learn together.

Stop working in a vacuum. Email me at or call 916-798-0600 and schedule a 30-minute exploration session. We’ll talk about what makes your business special. We’ll discuss how to leverage it across multiple markets. We’ll go through a 10-minute discovery session to find your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. With the dramatic changes happening around us, now is THE best time to begin.


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