The Business Suicide Prevention Program

Is your successful business besieged by growing pains like technology limitations, cash flow problems and internal conflict? These are the things I hear from my clients all the time: 


  • Right now technology is getting in our way, in fact our technology may be losing more customers than it’s helping us get.
  • Success has led to an expanding staff and a few of the new team members seem to be creating a toxic work environment.
  • Some of our customers are starting to make expensive demands that are eating away at our profitability.
  • Infighting amongst our management team is undermining their efforts and creating conflict, wasted time and unnecessary expense.
  • I’m working morning, noon and night and have forgotten what my wife and kids look like.

“Larry holds a unique skill of helping others identify their weaknesses and, more importantly, assists his clients in building an arsenal of tools to break free from the hold these past issues have on their ability to function successfully…”

– Public Relations Agency

“We had a great experience with Mandelberg. Larry gave us direction and process. He helped us to define our most critical roles, put together all of our thoughts, and come out with clear definitions. Larry saved me a year’s salary with his knowledge, honesty, tools, and frank comments! It was a wonderful experience.”

– CA Reclamation District

“Larry led our management team through an important strategic evaluation process. With his help, our management team was able to create a shared vision of our digital future. This critical building block enabled our organization to channel our efforts more strategically and helped provide essential focus.”

– PBS Television Station

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