Foresight & Lemons of Change

Turning the lemons of change into lemonade begins with foresight. Some of the best paths to foresight run right through the delegation process, which is profoundly invested in and nourishing to it.

The best delegation processes include asking the delegate how they would approach their task before telling them how to do it. Overlooking this penalty-free and painless step locks in the routine and mundane while unwittingly destroying opportunities for creativity and innovation.

By asking a delegate “How would you do it?” before anyone tells them how opens the door to new perspectives on routine tasks. It also creates fertile ground for unconventional ideas that lead to efficiencies, competitive advantages, and new market opportunities.

When done right, the benefits to the company can be endless and turn delegation from an unpleasant task to one of my favorite leadership activities.

Given the inevitability of change, it’s time to embrace it and start nurturing a culture that encourages change. That’s another change that begins with leadership.


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