Seek Input To Avoid Bad Decisions

As a manager or business owner, your ability to encourage information sharing is critical to avoid bad decisions. Contributing to bad decision making is a lack of knowledge and experience. Recognize that you have limitations and embrace input.

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Make Your Technology Work For You

Reviewing your business operations includes looking at your I.T. Establish what is actually working for you and stop wasting time with what is not. There are often inexpensive options that can see you profit the most from your technology.

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Send Workers Home To Boost Productivity

How can business successfully create virtual positions? Telecommuting has proven itself as a good business practice by helping to reduce turnover, improve morale, increase productivity, and often reduce costs. Larry Mandelberg outlines three key aspects managers should heed in creating virtual positions.

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Measuring Is The Key To Getting Better

Why a business is doing well or poorly is in the details. Measuring takes time and discipline, and forces management to think strategically. Subsequently measuring is often ignored. Measuring results, however, is the only way you can possibly improve upon them.

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Why Do Customers Buy From You?

The mindset of a buyer is much different than that of a seller. The buyer tends to be focused on “what’s in it for me,” whereas the seller tends to focus on the technical aspects of “what we do”. Business needs to understand why customers buy from them so they can focus their marketing efforts on those emotions.

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Empower Employees To Be Responsible

As technology limits the need for an office, the self-management model will be the norm, not the exception. Self-management is about pushing authority and responsibility down to the lowest levels of the organization where the people doing the work can impact the work environment in real time.

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