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Change is a state of mind

Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone. Billy Cox Wordcount: 522 Time to read: 4 minutes As I’ve grown older and more experienced, two things stand out for me. First, the older I get, the dumber I feel....

Symptoms Masquerading as Issues

Symptoms masquerading as issues are one of the pitfalls of success.

Implementing Business Values

(Part 3 of 3) Reaping the benefits described in last month’s newsletter depends on your business’ values being respected, embraced, followed, and modeled by leadership and staff. Before values can impact culture, they must first be used consciously, consistently, and...

Culture by Design

(Part 1 of 3) When babies are borne, they come complete with their own set of fingers, toes, and, to their parents’ joy & frustration, their very own personality. So too, from the moment of conception, each business has its own culture. The simultaneous...




The different ways people react to change can be entertaining. One example is when I open a workshop by asking, “How...

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Send Workers Home To Boost Productivity

How can business successfully create virtual positions? Telecommuting has proven itself as a good business practice by helping to reduce turnover, improve morale, increase productivity, and often reduce costs. Larry Mandelberg outlines three key aspects managers should heed in creating virtual positions.

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Empower Employees To Be Responsible

As technology limits the need for an office, the self-management model will be the norm, not the exception. Self-management is about pushing authority and responsibility down to the lowest levels of the organization where the people doing the work can impact the work environment in real time.

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Focus on the Positive to Help Your Staff

Create a mindset in the work place that is encouraging and embraces change. Everyone in this tough economy is either having a hard time or is scared at losing it all. It is time for criticism to be more unusual and praise to be more common.

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Generation Y Changing The Work Force

Generation Y’s familiarity with technology and their unique work ethic has created a number of cultural clash points with the rest of the working population. Managers need to understand a few key points to take advantage of the best this generation has to offer.

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